LocationThe John Brown House Museum
Tour TypeWalking Tour
Duration120 minutes
Recommended GradesBest for high school and college students
Cost$5 per student, $100 minimum
DescriptionBorn in 1890 and writing through his death in 1937, H.P. Lovecraft's acclaim as a genius of occult and horror fiction lives on. Passages from his Providence-based stories (“The Case of Charles Dexter Ward,” “Haunter of the Dark,” “The Shunned House”), and excerpts from his personal correspondence offer astounding detail about his life, work, and the city he deeply loved. Amazingly, most of the Providence sites that meant so much to the author in the 1920s can still be seen today. See the city through the author’s eyes as the passages of his work are connected with locations around the East Side. Please note, this tour is not about Lovecraft’s life or beliefs, but rather focuses on the relationship between the physical city of Providence and the fantasy worlds of his stories.
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