We have a new logo, and now we need your help!

Why a squirrel? These little, scurrying beasts are the perfect animals to represent historians. Not only are they industrious and ever-curious about their surroundings, they are constantly safe guarding for tomorrow what is precious to them. They bury their treasure away, protecting it so that when it is needed, they can unearth it and it will sustain them—much in the way that our stories, relics, and artifacts help sustain us. Family lore tells us that John Brown loved squirrels, too, for their constant industry and activity. He even purchased “squirrel” wallpaper for one of the rooms in his grand house and commissioned a squirrel to be carved above the fireplace!

We need your help to name our squirrel. Send your ideas to programs@rihs.org or find us on Facebook, and we’ll announce the winner at our first Concert Under the Elms in June!