RI Department of Education Call for Virtual Field Trip videos

With Distance Learning winding down and planning for some enrichment programs in the summer, we determined that some locally-grown virtual field trips would be a great way for students to learn about our state’s natural resources, attractions, history, and culture.  We are asking a wide variety of organizations to create videos that present a learning experience from their organization and help teachers to continue engaging students in learning.  In return, local organizations will get a some exposure with families who may not know about them and choose to visit as a family when the opportunity comes up. We have seen virtual field trips produced by national parks and other attractions that can be used for online learning.  Since Rhode Island has so many fantastic local attractions and educational opportunities, it would be great to have a bank of locally made virtual field trips.  The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is inviting you to submit ideas for a virtual field trip to teach students about the work that is done your organization, give them a behind the scenes look, or showcase Rhode Island culture and history.

RIDE will be creating a menu of virtual field trip options with links to the videos that are produced.  The menu will be sorted by grade level and include a point of contact for your organization so that teachers can send follow-up questions from students.  It would be optimal if videos were available in the first week of June, but we realize that is a tight turnaround.  If you are interested in creating a virtual field trip video and need more time, please do so.  RIDE is planning to engage students in summer learning, and the will be available to students then.  In the event that field trips are not allowed next year, we will continue to provide these videos to teachers to use as virtual field trips.

These videos will be accessible to all educators in Rhode Island and housed on RIDE’s YouTube Channel.  There would be no cost to teachers to use the videos but consider this an opportunity to showcase your organization to students, and their families who may be alongside them for the virtual field trip.  The menu that is provided will also list extra information that you would like to list regarding your organization- its history, when families can visit (if applicable), etc.

If you have a terrific idea for a virtual field trip, please fill out the form here.  If you have several ideas, please fill out a form for each.  We will contact you promptly regarding your idea(s) and give directions for creating and submitting the video.  If your organization already has video footage that would be appropriate, please send a link to Carolyn.higgins@ride.ri.gov and fill out the form.  We can include this in the menu that we distribute to teachers as well.

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