Talk About a WaterFire Lighting …

Happy Gaspee! Thanks to one well-placed sandbar at Namquit Point off the coast of Warwick, the movement toward American Revolution really heated up 243 years ago today when the HMS Gaspee ran aground and was later boarded and burned by rebel colonists under the direction of John Brown and Abraham Whipple. Guess what? We have a walking tour for that!

So You Want to Publish RI History? A Panel Discussion

Have you considered writing a book of Rhode Island history, but didn’t know what was involved in the publishing process? This panel discussion is ideal for individuals and historically-based organizations that want to publish their accounts of Rhode Island history. A partner program of the Rhode Island Historical Society and the John Russell Bartlett Society, this workshop aims to bring together those who love books and history to prepare for the next step of publishing. On Saturday, June 6, from 2 to 3:30pm, “So You Want to Publish RI History? A Panel Discussion” will take place at the Rhode Island Historical Society’s Aldrich House at 110 Benevolent St. in Providence. This event is free to the public, but registration is required. Register here, email, or call (401) 331-8575 x136.