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This searches through the archives of Rhode Island History, the journal of the Rhode Island Historical Society, published since 1942.

To see a full list of articles, simply leave the search terms blank, and hit search.

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The search is inclusive, meaning the more information put in, the more refined the results. If you are not finding what you are looking for, try being less specific. For example, if you are looking for an article you know was written between 1942-1950 by Bradford F. Swan, and know part of the title, you may want to start with the specified date range, and just the last name Swan.

Terms automatically use wildcards on both ends of the search terms - for example, if you are searching for "The Development of the Neck" by John Hutchins Cady, just searching for "development" will bring these articles up. You do not need the exact name, however spelling errors will not be corrected.

Each query is done in such a fashion that allows you to link to the specific search you have just done. Just grab the address from the address bar, and send it to anyone, and they will see the same results as you.


Reviews of a particular book or other medium can be found by searching for the author/title, etc of the work in the article field, as the author name is reserved for those who actually write/edit/review any given work.