Rhode Island History Lesson Plans

Every issue of Rhode Island History contains articles about our state’s past that inform us about often overlooked characters, places and movements from the past. These articles are written in a scholarly tone that might not immediately appeal to younger students; so, we thought that we’d create a new feature on our website to make these articles more appealing: on-line lesson plans related to the pieces.


These are only a handful of ideas from our education team. We hope that you and your students will enjoy them, and we also hope that if you come up with your own lessons or versions, that you might want to share them with us, too–even to put on the website.

Thanks from the Goff Center for Education and Public Programs


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Civics, Historical Perspectives and Rhode Island History (MS Word Files):

Civics & Historical Perspectives at the John Brown House Museum

Civics & Historical Perspectives at the Museum of Work and Culture


Previous Lesson Plans (PDFs):

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