Slavery, Citizenship, and Civil Rights: Documenting Rhode Island’s People of Color

The focus of these nine units, developed for grades five through high school, is the history of people of color in Rhode Island, primarily the story of peoples of African and Native American decent. These lesson units were developed as part of a project thanks to a grant from the Rhode Island Council for the Humanities.



The Slave Ship Sally: Web of Complicity

The objective of this lesson is to (1) familiarize participants with many of the people and materials needed to prepare a ship for a slave trading voyage in the eighteenth century and (2) to illustrate in a physical way the web of complicity from farms to the sea in the global enterprise of the slave trade.



Rhode Island History journal lessons

In this page, we have two lessons using journal articles from Rhode Island History that complement this module, “Cato Pearce 1790 Census,” that uses the 1780 census to document slavery in Rhode Island, and “Building the College Edifice,” which looks at the enslaved labor used in building Brown University’s college edifice.