Roger Williams and the Founding of Rhode Island Educational Standards

RI Civics & Government Grade Span Expectations
C&G 1: People create and change structures of power, authority, and governance in order to accomplish common goals.
C&G 1 -1: Origins, forms, and purposes of government
C&G 1 -2: Sources of authority and use of power, and how they are/can be
C&G 2: The Constitution of the United States establishes a government of limited powers that are shared among different levels and branches.
C&G 2 -1: United States government (local, state, national)
C&G 2 -2: The democratic values and principles underlying the U.S. government
C&G 3: In a democratic society, all people have certain rights and responsibilities.
C&G 4: People engage in political processes in a variety of ways.
C&G 4 -1: Political systems and political processes
C&G 4 -2: Their participation in political processes
C&G 4 -3: Their participation in a civil society
C&G 5: As members of an interconnected world community, the choices we make impact others locally, nationally, and globally.
C&G 5 -1: The many ways Earth’s people are interconnected
C&G 5 -2: The benefits and challenges of an interconnected world
C&G 5 -3: How the choices we make impact and are impacted by an interconnected world

RI Historical Perspectives Grade Span Expectations
HP 1: History is an account of human activities that is interpretive in nature.
HP 1 -1: Act as historians, using a variety of tools (e.g., artifacts and primary/secondary sources)…
HP 1 -2: Interpret history as a series of connected events with multiple cause-effect relationships
HP 2: History is a chronicle of human activities, diverse people, and the societies they form.
HP 2 -1: Connect the past with the present
HP 2 -2: Chronicle events and conditions
HP 2 -3: Show understanding of change over time
HP 3: The study of history helps us understand the present and shape the future.
HP 3 -1: Demonstrate an understanding of how the past frames the present
HP 3 -2: Make personal connections in an historical context (e.g., source-to-source, source-to-self, source-to-world)
HP 4: Historical events and human/natural phenomena impact and are influenced by ideas and beliefs.
HP 4 -1: Geographic factors and shared past events affect human interactions
HP 4 -2: Innovations, inventions, change, and expansion cause increased interaction
HP 5: Human societies and cultures develop and change in response to human needs and wants