Read an article in Rhode Island History about women and anti-slavery activism in “A determination to Labor…”: Female Antislavery Activity in Rhode Island by Deborah Bingham Van Broekhoven

Read more about the advocacy work of Elizabeth Buffum Chace and Lillie Chace Wyman in the Rhode Island History article, “Was She Clothed with the Rents Paid for These Wretched Rooms?”: Elizabeth Buffum Chace, Lillie Chace Wyman, and Upper-Class Advocacy for Women Factory Operatives in Gilden Age Rhode Island by Elizabeth C. Stevens

Learn more about the history of enslavement in Rhode Island in the EnCompass module on Rhode Island, Slavery, and the Slave Trade

Learn more about how Black Rhode Islanders fought for rights in the African American Civil Rights in Rhode Island module of EnCompass

More information about civil right in Rhode Island can be found on this page at the Rhode Island Historical Society. There are two digital exhibits, unit plans for elementary, middle, and high school students, and a context statement

Visit the Network to Freedom website of the National Park Service to learn more about the Underground Railroad in the United States including locations and other resources

Read the Narrative of an Ashaway Teenager’s Role in the Underground Railroad Rediscovered by Russell DiSimone in Small State Big History

Visit Stage of Freedom’s site On the Road to Freedom to learn about important locations in Rhode Island pertaining to African American history, especially homes and families that participated in the Underground Railroad

Read about other women who fought for the rights of Black Americans in the Small State Big History article Prudence Crandall, Sarah Harris Fayerweather, and Ann Hammond: Their Pre-Civil War Struggle for Equality for Black People

To learn more about the myths and truths of the Underground Railroad, see this article by Louis Henry Gates, Jr., Who Really Ran the Underground Railroad? and The Underground Railroad: Myth & Reality by Fergus M. Bordewich