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The Museum of Work & Culture


The Museum of Work & Culture is a wonderful place to bring your students to experience hands-on history. Recreate the immigrant experience as you journey from a nineteenth century farmhouse to the floor of a textile mill. Become immersed in early twentieth century culture by listening to the radio in the parlor of a triple-decker, practicing perfect posture in a parochial classroom, or debating in the ITU Hall. Let the Museum of Work & Culture bring history alive for your students!

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For more information or to schedule a tour please contact Sarah Carr, Education & Program Manager, at (401) 769-6975 x. 2 or


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Docent Guided Tours* (1.5 hours)

Students are led through the museum by one of our trained docents, who engages their imaginations with stories & anecdotes while encouraging critical thinking skills by asking leading questions that connect information learned on the tour & in the classroom.

*Docent guided tours are also available in French

Living History Presentations (additional .5 hour)

A living history interpreter performs a play describing her personal experiences and engages with the students to help them better understand the similarities and differences between modern life & life at the turn of the century. Subject to interpreter availability.

Outdoor Tours (additional .5 hours)

Guides bring the classroom outdoors, tracing the path of the Blackstone River, exploring how the force of the falls was harnessed to power textile mills, and discussing the environmental recovery the river has made in recent years. Available April – November.

Hands-On Activities (additional .5 hours)

Students get a hands-on understanding of history by participating in an interactive activity, either taking on the role of a laborer in an assembly line or playing detective by sorting through the belongings of an immigrant family.

J’ai le goût du Québec (4 hours)

French speaking docents provide students with the opportunity to experience language immersion while learning about French Canadian heritage. Following a museum tour, the film “Un Rêve Américain,” a documentary exploring French Canadian culture in the United States, will be presented and students will be treated to a traditional French Canadian lunch, including meat pie, baked beans, and a maple dessert.

Click here to download a copy of our Field Trip Menu with pricing and lunch options.